Time to represent

You’ve made it. Congratulations on your election to local government. Now it’s your time.

Find your mentor

Learning from the women who’ve come before you can be one of the best ways to gain wisdom and inspiration. There are a number of organisations that can connect you to these women, from all walks of life.

Connect with the Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA) – Victorian branch

Collaborating to support women to thrive, connect and excel in local government, ALGWA’s Victorian Branch provides councillor and candidate online forums, and free information sessions for women who are considering running for local government. Find out more on ALGWA’s Victorian Branch website.

Join the ‘More women for local government’ Facebook group

‘More women for local government’ is a closed Facebook group for women who are considering running for local government. Join the group to access support, find a mentor, and ask questions.

Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)

The Victorian Local Governance Association is an independent organisation committed to supporting councils and councillors in good governance. Visit their website to connect with mentors and peers through events and training opportunities.


Continue to enhance your skills to lead with impact.

Compulsory training

If elected, all councillors must complete ‘Councillor Induction’ training, no later than six months after the day they took their oath or affirmation of office.

Visit the Local Government Victoria website to find out more.

Training and events with VLGA

Learn about council and good governance through training and events. (Victorian Local Governance Association)

Training and peer support

Mentoring with ALGWA Vic

Supporting women to thrive, connect and excel in local government. (ALGWA - Victoria Branch)

Peer suport

Guide to being a leader

Tips for young women to get leadership ready. (YWCA Australia)


More women for local government

A Facebook group for women who are considering running for local government.

Peer support

An message from Reconciliation Victoria

An important message from Reconciliation Victoria about the 2020 Local Government Elections. (Maggolee)


YWCA’s Cyber Feminists advocacy group

Online advocacy group, advocating on key gender equality issues. (YWCA Australia)

Peer support

International Day of the Girl Webinars

Reflect, grow, thrive. Program of online events supporting young women's development. (YWCA Australia)


Councillor Development Program

Professional development programs for Councillors. (Municipal Association of Victoria)


Women's leadership program

Building capacity to lead among women. (Leadership Victoria)



Personal coaching to help you to lead effectively. (Ruth McGowan)


After the campaign

Whatever the result – congratulations for putting your hand up and showing leadership.

Regardless of the result, you must submit an election campaign donation return to the council CEO no later than 40 days after election day.

If you have been elected, you must take oath or affirmation of office and complete Councillor Induction training within 6 months.

If you have not been successful, but want to run again, consider:

  • Debriefing with your campaign team – consider what went well, what you learned, and what you would do differently next time around.
  • Check out helpful, comprehensive resources for women standing for council, like the Victorian Local Governance Association’s Local Women Leading Change initiative.
  • Joining a peer network like ‘More women for local government’, or find a mentor to support your next campaign.
  • Attending a leadership program for women such as those offered by Leadership Victoria.
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