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Resources for campaigning

Everyone needs support and guidance to run a successful election campaign. 

These resources can help you to understand your obligations, deliver a strong campaign and get elected.

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Safe Campaigning Guidelines

A guide to safe campaigning in the context of COVID-19. (Local Government Victoria)


Your Campaign Toolkit 2020

A toolkit for female candidates. (Victorian Local Governance Association)


Campaign Playbook

A guide to nominating for council election in Victoria. (It's Our Time)

PDF | 2.1MB

Candidate Information and Training Sessions 2020

Information, resources and education about the business of local government and candidate development. (Victorian Local Governance Association)


Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Tips for candidates, to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. (Reconciliation Victoria)


Candidate information sessions

Candidate information sessions, held in council areas across Victoria. Various dates. (Victorian Local Governance Association)


Panel Discussion: Integrity and standards of conduct

Live panel discussion on election-related integrity issues and new local government standards of conduct. Online session, bookings essential. (Victorian Local Governance Association)

Panel discussion

Online Workshops

Online development sessions for candidates. (Victorian Local Governance Association)


Your Community, Country & Council

Campaigning and the importance of a good website. Kathryn Arndt (VLGA) and Charles Pakana with John Burgess (Little Rocket). Online session, Thurs 3 Sept.

Online session

Your Community, Country and Council

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' self-determination through participation as voters and candidacy. Session with tips for using media and social media in campaigns. (Victorian Local Governance Association)


Cocktails and Senator Carmen Sanguinetti

Online session, Thurs 10 Sept. (Australian Local Government Women's Association)

Online event

Cocktails and 300 words

Online session, Mon 14 Sept. (Australian Local Government Women's Association)

Online event

Cocktails to keep you focused

Online session, Thurs 24 Sept. (Australian Local Government Women's Association)

Peer support

2020 local council elections

Key information about the elections. (Victorian Electoral Commission)


Citizen to Councillor

A guide to becoming an elected councillor. (Municipal Association of Victoria)


More women for local government

A Facebook group for women who are considering running for local government.

Peer support

Get Elected

Book with tips and advice to help you get elected. (Ruth McGowan)



Personal coaching to help you to lead effectively. (Ruth McGowan)

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