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Our partners

If not for our partners, we would not be able to support more women make this our time.

Our funding partner

This campaign is funded by Local Government Victoria, the state government regulator and policy maker. It provides policy advice and oversees legislation that supports Victoria’s 79 local councils to be responsive, accountable, and efficient.

Our partners

Become a partner

There are many ways you can help make this the time women gain equal representation in local government.

Here are some ideas.

Lend us your voice

Have something to say on female leadership? Have a network that wants to hear it? If your socials are crowded with female leaders that would make excellent local government representatives, you can use your voice to spread equality. We’ll boost your platform and you’ll boost ours with the voices of inspirational leaders, who happen to be women.

Motivate the next wave

Know any female councillors (not running this year) whose story will inspire others? Send us their details. We’ll spotlight their stories as part of our PR campaign or feature them in our webinars on what it means to represent your local community.

Inspire the inspired

Once standing in the elections, then the pressure is on campaigning. Share your knowledge on digital campaigning (and other Covid-safe ways to get noticed) or connect us with others who can.

Donate to boost our reach

Your in-kind advertising support or donations will go directly toward securing advertising space and reaching more people in Victoria. Corporate donors can also be featured among the partners on our website.

Remember, vote wisely

Everyone’s vote matters. Take the time to carefully consider who you want to represent you on council, making decisions about your future.

Ready to help? Want to help in another way? Download our partner pack or talk to us.

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