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Our mission

Now is the time for women to stand for local government.

It’s our time.

Uncertainty prevails.

The future is changing. Perhaps now faster than ever. COVID-19 has added momentum to a world regularly pivoting. But the big issues remain the same – and gender equality is one of them.

Climate, health, community, workforce and economic issues are coming to a head.

We need women at the table.

On these issues, and among all this uncertainty, we need women’s voices, ideas and leadership – to conceive the solutions, and to bring them to fruition.

Already, many women are. We all know talented, inspiring, strong women fulfilling roles in public and private sector leadership, in the boardroom, in the community and in parliament.

We know the value women bring to leadership, which is why we need more of it. That includes in local government.

Accelerating change at a local government level is crucial.

In line with the Victorian Government’s Gender Equality Strategy, which aims to achieve 50% representation of women elected, our mission for the October 2020 local government elections is to increase the number of women standing in local elections.

Standing for local council is a crucial avenue for women to play their part in addressing the big issues of our time. It’s an important decision, one we will help you consider. Because it’s our time.

Our mission

1. To increase the number of women who nominate for council elections.

2. To support nominees to choose well and strengthen their election campaigns.

3. To project the voices of leading women politicians to inspire Victorian women (and men) that change is happening.

Join us to make it our time. Become a partner. Or use your voice to inspire more women to nominate, campaign and represent.

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