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We want to share the known and unknown stories of female leaders. We want to inspire and encourage the next wave of leaders ready to take the next step.

Our campaign team can find you that unique voice, that hard to source data, or that little known anecdote to craft your story on women’s leadership and show others why this really is the time for women to stand for local government.

Campaign news and media releases

26 August: Media Release, ‘It’s Our Time: women tapped on the shoulder to bring equality to local councils’ (PDF | 140KB).

Media contact

Contact us with your story ideas and inquiries and we can support you with the data and voices to make it sing.

Abby McCarthy
Campaign manager
Email abby@ellisjones.com.au
Call +61 458 131 517

Campaign materials

It’s our time. That’s all of us. We can all take a hand in supporting more women to take the leap and stand for local government.

Our campaign materials are here for you to use. Share widely, and come back here often. We’ll keep adding new materials as we make them.

Download ‘It’s Our Time’ campaign launch pack 1 (.zip 17.2MB).
Download ‘It’s Our Time’ campaign launch pack 2 (.zip 16.8MB)

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