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We need more female
leaders in local politics.

The It’s Our Time campaign is delivered by social impact agency Ellis Jones, supported by a grant from Local Government Victoria (Victorian Government).

Our mission is to support, inform, and inspire more women to nominate for this year’s local government elections.

The campaign is designed and delivered in collaboration with our partners from local government peak bodies and community groups. We value their support and encourage anyone interested to get involved and share our materials.

The campaign is particularly important in the context of the disproportionately negative impact COVID-19 has had on women, particularly mothers.

The speed of change, and scale of challenges before us, mean decisions made now will have impacts for decades to come. We need more women at the table to conceive the solutions and see them through.

Candidates must nominate by 12pm, 22 September 2020. The elections will be held on Saturday 24 October 2020.

#TapHerOnTheShoulder and #AskHerToStand for local government election.

Help us spread the word.

It’s our time.

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